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2004 Ford Lightning

Thanks to Bryan for bringing us his immaculate 2004 Lightning. One of the last Lightning’s produced in ’04, Bryan’s Ford only had 36,000 miles on it. Bryan wanted more power, a deeper and rowdier sound, and he wanted the rearend lowered to match the front. We handled his requests with a Johnny Lightning 4lb lower pulley, Dynatech long-tube headers with crossover and we built a custom 304SS X-pipe for the Flowmaster exhaust. To make the most out of the higher boost and free-flow exhaust, we performed a custom tune using SCT Performance software and X4 tuner. We lowered the rear 3 inches to match the front and also did a complete maintenance overhaul. This supercharged 5.4L is now making 80 more HP and is ready for another solid 12 years.

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